Handling All Types Of Unemployment Claims

Losing your job, whether you were fired, quit or were let go, can be a frustrating and emotional experience. Losing your source of income can make it difficult to pay the bills and provide for yourself or your family.

Even if you were fired or quit your job, you still may be eligible for unemployment benefits to help you between jobs. At Comerford & Saccoccio, we help clients who have been denied unemployment benefits. We assist clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts with unemployment appeals, providing personal and hands-on legal services.

If your unemployment benefits have been denied, contact the Rhode Island unemployment claims lawyers at our firm. In a free initial consultation, we will listen to your story and provide you with guidance and advice regarding your claim.

Were You Fired From Your Job?

At our law firm, we help clients who were fired but did not commit any misconduct and clients who were fired for:

  • Poor job performance or not meeting employer expectations
  • A single incident of insubordination
  • Employee misconduct outside and not connected to their work
  • Failing a random drug or alcohol test in Rhode Island
  • Suspected drug or alcohol use with no testing performed
  • Alleged misconduct reported to the employer by some other person such as a customer, patient, other employee, anonymous person, bystander, etc.
  • Conduct for which the employer has no evidence and cannot prove
  • Alleged misconduct while working for a temp agency's client
  • Incarceration but was later exonerated or charges were dropped
  • A doctor limiting the employee to light duty and the employer has no light duty

We also represent clients who no longer had a job with their employer after their leave under the Family Medical Leave Act ran out.

Did You Quit Your Job?

Our attorneys represent clients who quit their job because:

  • The job was unsuitable or they had no alternative but to quit.
  • He or she had child care issues but were still available to work a different shift and/or weekends.
  • He or she followed a spouse to a new position out of state or over 75 miles away.

Are You Seeking Benefits For A Different Reason?

We understand that there are many ways you can lose your job and we are dedicated to helping you appeal your denied claim. In addition to helping clients who were fired or quit their jobs, we also help clients who:

  • Were overpaid benefits through no fault of their own
  • Are going to school full/part time but are still available for full time work
  • Are school employees in Rhode Island who are off during the summer or school vacation weeks but have not received a written reasonable assurance that they will retain their position after the vacation period

Contact Our Providence Denied Benefits Lawyers

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